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As one of the leading manufacturer of first aid bandage in Korea and since its establishment in 1988, Y&K HealthCare has been successful for a few decades with high flexibility, continuously changing its market/development strategy in wound care industry. 

During the period of significant changes, Y&K Health Care made multiple strategic collaboration relationships with various leading companies and it is now evolving into ‘a global leader in healthcare industry’ for a happy future for everyone.

Since its establishment in 1988, Y&K Healthcare has developed the wound care dressing and sanitation products, and has been striving for continuous R&D work to make a better future.

Y&K Healthcare is making its best effort to improve our brand power not only domestic but also global by pursuing of talented people as well as making social contribution. Moreover, we are proud to say that Y&K Healthcare is doing all possible to maintain our ethic management based on transparency and to take the responsibility of what it is called, the company of trust and sincerity.

Y&K Healthcare is prepared for its takeoff to be a part of the global market. Your interests and encouragement to our company are very much appreciated.

Thank you for visiting our website.