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TheraSkin Spot Patch

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Name TheraSkin Spot Patch
Division Quasi Drug
Description Hydro Colloid
Standard 14Φ, 12Φ, 10Φ, 8Φ
Premium 14Φ, 12Φ, 10Φ, 8Φ


  • It features the absorption of exudation (ooze/discharge from sores) and the dissolution of necrotic tissues; it creates a moist environment optimal for the activities of skin regeneration to ensure quick recovery of wound.
  • Because of its own excellent adhesive power and waterproof, it does not fall of easily when showering or swimming even though it is attached on the curved area of the skin.
  • It is easy to observe the affected area as it is transparent.
  • As its color changes to milky after absorbing an exudation, you can know the replacement time.


  • Protective film layer : Waterproof polyurethane film
  • Adhesive layer : Colloid layer that natural hydrophobic polymer is dispersed in a hydrophobic adhesive polymer


  • Preventing the contamination fo and protecting a wound.

(including light scratches and wounds, pimoles, rashes, and injuries due to extraction of moles.)


  • Apply once 1~2 days to the affected area or change it if much absorption of a secretion makes it inflate

Storage Info

  • Store in an airtight container at room temperature

Period of Use

  • 36 months from the manufacturing date
  • Please refer to the instruction that is placed in the package.