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Medi Pore

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Name Medi Proe
Division Quasi Drug
Description Plaster
White 1 1.25cmx9.14m
White 2 2.5cmx9.14m
Brown 1 1.25cmx9.14m
Brown 2 2.5cmx9.14m


  • Highly breathable and comfortable low-irritant and non-woven adhesive was used.
  • Available to use for a long time
  • Free from skin irritation.
  • Surgical fixation for Gauze, IV catheter.
  • X-ray permeable.


  • Fixing Tape – Available to use any place like face, etc.

Storage Info

  • Store in an airtight container at room temperature

Period of Use

  • 36 months from the manufacturing date
  • Please refer to the instruction that is placed in the package.